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Re: Html Lang code for page


From: Sundby, Valorie
Date: Dec 22, 2015 10:23AM

Follow-up Question: Does location ever influence AT when the lang attribute is not programmatically set? For example, when someone with a handheld device in Mexico loads a page vs. the same page being loaded in the United States?


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Thanks for all the replies, that's what I thought but it's always nice to have ammunition for the inevitable "Why do I have to do this" questions.


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I tracked a bunch of ways that lang is used on a page [1]:

' VoiceOver on iOS uses the attribute to auto-switche voices.

' VoiceOver can speak a particular language using a different accent when specified.

' Leaving out the lang attribute may require the user to manually switch to the correct language for proper pronunciation.

'JAWS uses it to load the correct phonetic engine / phonologic dictionary — Handy for sites with multiple languages.

' NVDA (Windows) uses it in the same way as VoiceOver and JAWS.

' When used in HTML that is used to form an ePub or Apple iBooks document, it affects how VoiceOver will read the book.

' Firefox, IE10, and Safari (as of a year ago) only support CSS hyphens:
auto when the lang attribute is set.

Frankly, I believe it should be on every page. Since it can be set in a global template, it should be a matter of setting it once and not worrying until you find a rare case where you have to override it (which is good).

1: http://adrianroselli.com/2015/01/on-use-of-lang-attribute.html

On Tue, Dec 22, 2015 at 12:01 PM, Joseph Sherman < <EMAIL REMOVED> >

> I know 3.1.1 The default human language of each Web page can be
> programmatically determined, but my web folk find this annoying on
> every page and web app, since it is all primary language English, and
> they tend to follow 3.1.2 for language of parts.
> So question: Is 3.1.1 really critical in most cases? Is there a good
> reason I can offer for using it on every page? What happens when a
> Spanish screen reader user comes to an English page without a lang
> attribute? Does the software know to read in English?
> Joseph
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