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Re: NFB petition for making ADA a parioty


From: Chagnon | PubCom.com
Date: Jan 21, 2016 9:34AM

Birkir, I haven't heard anything conclusive about the release date of the Sec. 508 Refresh.
Rumors, yes. Concrete announcements, no.

Do you or anyone else on the list have more specific details?

The petition alludes (doesn't specifically state it) that they won't come out until 2018, 2 years from now.

Is this petition to press for the Sec. 508 Refresh?

Since the petition specially addresses only website accessibility, it's unclear what's being asked. Plus, it specifically states "regulations." I don't think the Refresh is considered a regulation (long-time Wash DC resident speaking here). I believe the "regulation" is the original Sec. 508 amendment from 1998, and the "refresh" is only an update to the standards and requirements to meet the regulation.

The Refresh covers a lot more than just websites; documents and other forms of ICT, cell phones, digital media, and much more.

Good idea for the petition, but not sure if this petition's wording is accurate or specific enough to get the job done.

—Bevi Chagnon

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Usually I wouldn't post campaign content to this email list, but this one is very relevant to our jobs, passions and, for many of us, our quality of life as disabled individuals.
I encourage people to sign the NFB petition: