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Re: Glossary of terms


From: Greg Gamble
Date: Jan 27, 2016 11:09AM

Are you using the ABBR tag?


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Does anyone have a best practice recommendation for how to handle accessible definitions of terms?
In the past the team I'm working with has used rollover/tooltips of inline words, but its not accessible and we're looking for alternatives.

Is there an accessible way of implementing definitions inline (as in select the word in the middle of the paragraph). My expectation is that it would be jarring in the middle of a paragraph.
If not inline, is it best to have a consistent glossary of terms module somewhere on the page?
Is there a preference for having them in the right rail or putting them at the bottom of the page?

I assume its also a best practice to have a separate glossary page w/ alphabetic sorting.


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>Hi All,
>I have been researching social media and how to deal with images on it.
>Right now, I am looking at Facebook.
>For example, I am creating a Facebook post and it starts with 'Famous
>Person Giving Talk'. It then has text giving all the details about the
>person and their talk that is coming up in a week. It then ends with a
>description of the image that is used of that person. That image shows
>famous person sitting at a desk signing books.
>My question is this...Are images used on social media similar to images
>used in websites and documents in terms of how we describe them? I have
>searched and searched and found nothing, except 'make sure to give your
>images a description'...
>So in my example above, would your photo description say this 'Famous
>Person sitting at desk signing books'? Or would it say something else?
>Should the length be similar to an alt?
>If you have any resources that talk specifically about HOW to describe
>on social media, and not that one needs to describe, please feel free to share.
>Appreciate your feedback.
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