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Re: Best practises with radio buttons


From: Léonie Watson
Date: Feb 25, 2016 3:14AM

> From: WebAIM-Forum On Behalf Of Sean Murphy
> Sent: 25 February 2016 04:13
> What is the best practises with Radio buttons. The option for each item in the
> radio button should be spoken. But what about the title of the radio button?
> I assume this should be spoken. Am I correct?

Using the title attribute on a radio button isn't a good idea. It provides an accessible name (the thing announced by screen readers) for the radio button, that will compete with the accessible name provided by the <label>.

Although the title attribute can be used to provide the accessible name for a form field in certain limited circumstances, a set of radio buttons isn't generally one of them. It's better to use the <label> element to provide the accessible name for each radio button and a visible label at the same time.


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