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Re: Block Links & Other Validation Issues in XHTML 1.0 Transitional


From: Dennis Deacon
Date: Feb 25, 2016 6:24AM

All, thanks for the chuckle during the morning commute. Need that. :-)

The site is a large eCommerce site, 15% on a new HTML5 platform, the
remaining on an older XHTML 1.0 Transitional platform, which won't be
migrated within the next year or so to the newer platform.

With that said, I'm aware that changing the doctype to HTML5 is easy and a
no-brainer. The issue will be motivating the senior leadership to dictate
the change to .NET masterpages to IT, thereby creating fear of things
breaking throughout the 1800+ pages on the older doctype. My inquiry was to
plan for "what if we don't change doctypes." We have a mandated deadline
and I've trying to stave off as many fire drills as possible (while noble,
in reality, futile).

I attempted to perform a quick test in the browser dev tool, but see I
can't edit the doctype in Web Inspector, Firebug, etc. Any other method for
changing doctype for a page load in-browser? Our group does not have access
to the masterpages, even in the dev environment.

Thanks again for all your comments and advice.

Dennis Deacon
Website/Portfolio: dennisdeacon.com
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