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Re: Free Webinar


From: Marc Solomon
Date: Feb 25, 2016 2:39PM

Looks like the registration form doesn't use explicit labels for the edit fields and the Register Now element is an image link with no alt text or link text.


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I followed to the site for registration for the webinar.
But I could not locate the registration input location.
I did place a call to the number listed for inquiry for the webinar.
I use the screen reader JAWS.



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Public and private higher-education institutions must meet mandatory non-discrimination accessibility requirements.

Join cielo24 and Kara Zirkle<https://www.linkedin.com/in/kara-zirkle-2b62136>, IT Accessibility Coordinator at George Mason University, to explore legal compliance (WCAG, Section 508), cross-functional policy adoption, and integration.
The webinar will cover:

* Incorporating accessibility through 'Life Cycle Design' processes (IT, Instructional Design, Faculty, Procurement, Web Developer and Content Manager areas).
* Documenting overall accessibility plan, policy, procurement and testing.
* Motivating and communication for greater adoption as part of campus culture.

Register Now<https://cielo24.com/kara-zirkle/>

Kara Zirkle
IT Accessibility Coordinator
Direct Phone: 703-993-9815
Main Line: 703-993-4329
Web: ati.gmu.edu
Twitter: @AccessibleMason