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IAAP CPACC Certification Preparation Course


From: Jonee Lee
Date: Feb 29, 2016 7:53AM

Hi, everyone,

Deque is now offering an online, self-paced IAAP CPACC certification
preparation course. The introductory price is $45. Sign up at

The course covers all of the concepts you need to know for the exam, and
provides links to additional resources for further study.

The first exam will be offered in San Diego on March 22, concurrent with
the CSUN conference on Technology and Persons with Disabilities (but is not
affiliated with the conference).

Starting in May of 2016, the certification exam will be offered around the
world in a location convenient to you, through a testing center or with a

Jonee Lee, M.Ed.
Instructional Designer and Accessibility Consultant
Deque Systems, Inc.
Deque University <https://dequeuniversity.com/>