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From: Kim Dirks
Date: Feb 29, 2016 12:43PM

Hello all,

I'm working on a project where we are trying to have a very detailed Table of Contents ("TOC") along the left side of the webpage (can be up to 12 levels deep) and the corresponding content on the right side. I feel pretty comfortable with how this should interact with screen readers, but I'm not sure about low vision users.

Does anyone know of a deep TOC style that works well when zoomed, keeping track of the context (where you are in the TOC, what the parents/children/and siblings are for the selected section, etc.) Back in the old days of DOS, I recall seeing vertical lines tied to each nested level of the TOC, so it was always relatively easy to see how many layers deep you were in a TOC.

I would love examples of deep/complex TOCs that would work for those with lower vision, especially when zoomed and line wrapping becomes an issue.

In the alternative, if anyone had designed or knows of a TOC that uses a different design (a new take on breadcrumbs?) that would be great.

Thanks very much.