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Re: Indicating a non-html link


From: oecih
Date: Apr 28, 2003 10:35PM

Subject: Indicating a non-html link

> We would like to alert our visitors when links lead to non-html
> such as to a MS Word or Adobe PDFs download.

When linking to non-html document I usually state the document type
and also its size (either in Kb or Mb) either as a textual link or as
a title/alt text.

> My concern is what text to offer either in the context or as an Alt
> if we do it with a graphic. I'm particularly about how
> it will be when read by a screen reader.

I dont have a screenreader myself but as I read in
http://diveintoaccessibility.org/ a screenreader recognize the title
attribute, which works as an equivalent for an alt attribute on an
image link.

Here's some example of what would I have in such condition:

<a href="the_2003_annual_report.pdf"
title="some description about the file - PDF file (123 Kb)">The 2003
Annual Report</a>

<a href="the_2003_annual_report.pdf"><img
alt="some description about the file - PDF file (123 Kb)" /></a>

dewa m widyakumara

ps. BTW I'm new in this list. So this is my hello world post :)

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