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RE: Indicating a non-html link


From: Tim Harshbarger
Date: Apr 29, 2003 4:45AM

If the link does not lead to a web page, I would suggest including the file
format as part of the link.

One thing I have noticed is just because information describing a link
appears to the left, right, above, below, before, or after a link or field
does not mean a person using a screen reader or magnification is going to
catch the information or recall it when she or he decides to click the link
or fill out the field.

Imagine hearing this halfway through a page:

link FY 2001 Budget
link FY 2001 Actual Expenses

Huh? Which one is the PDF document? I have forgotten whether the file
format comes before the link or after it. I will either have to select a
link and hope for the best or go back to the top of the list and work my way
back through the tangle again.


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