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Re: webaim-forum-d Digest V2003 #94


From: Patrick Taylor
Date: Apr 30, 2003 3:19PM

On Wednesday, April 30, 2003, at 06:15 PM,
> It must be a bug because just like a book, H1 represents the title, H2
> represents the chapter titles, H3 represents sections within each
> chapter
> and so on. At the end of a chapter, you would jump back to H2 as the
> next
> chapter title which makes perfect sense.

I wonder if it would it make a difference if the headings were wrapped
with divs to distinguish one branch of the hierarchy from another?

For example

<h2>Chapter 1</h2>
<h3>Section 1a</h3>
<h4>Son of Section 1a</h4>
<h3>Section 1b</h3>
<h2>Chapter 2</h2>
<h3>Section 2a</h3>
<h3>Section 2b</h3>
<h3>Section 2c</h3>

As you can see here <h3>Section 1b</h3> is clearly in a different
branch than <h2>Chapter 2</h2>.

I can't imagine that the specs allow for only one branch per heading.


> <snip>
>> I understand why heading tags should start with H1, followed
>> by H2 then
>> H3 for page title, section and subsection. What I don't understand is
>> why you cannot start a new sub section, going from an subsection to a
>> new section (e.g. H4 to H2).
> </snip>
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