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Re: Is the accessibility of a 3rd party that represent me still my concern?


From: Kelly Lupo
Date: Mar 30, 2016 12:12PM

Along with what Gregg said in his first point - the organization I work for
is not a federal agency (nor do we buy or sell from/to federal agencies),
but we do have many federal grants which keep the non-profit UConn UCEDD
running. In many of those grants, it specifies things like 'all products
and information disseminated as a part of this grant must be Section 508
compliant.' (But don't look at the site - it's being redone!)

If none of your grants specify then it might be a toss-up in a court, but
if they do it might be a stronger likelihood that the ruling would not be
in your favor as to whether 508 applies to you. The University of
Connecticut (UConn) *chooses* to conform to Section 508 - but they can pick
and choose if they want to and be in no trouble. However, the UConn UCEDD
(in my non-lawyer's understanding) is *required* to conform to all of it
because we have federal grants that say so.


On Tue, Mar 29, 2016 at 1:01 PM, Druckman,Geri < <EMAIL REMOVED> >

> Thank you all for your answers, this has been very helpful. I now have
> better understanding on the subject, and can provide better and more
> intelligible answers to our sourcing and legal departments.
> Thanks!!
> Geri Druckman
> Web Development Specialist
> Accessibility | Usability | QA
> Enterprise Business Systems
> Digital Experience Team
> MD Anderson Cancer Center
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