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Re: Opening modal window without user action


From: Mike Barlow
Date: Mar 30, 2016 1:50PM

Marc, when I clicked on the link you provided it went to a "domain parking"
site. A quick google search got me to the actual link which is:
https://www.helenkeller.org/hknc (don't know why the difference that should
make no difference made a difference, but it did).

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On Mon, Mar 28, 2016 at 2:38 PM, Marc Solomon < <EMAIL REMOVED> >

> I recently visited the Helen Keller National Center in New York. Prior to
> my meeting, I reviewed their newly redesigned (hellenkeller.org). First
> time visitors are presented with a message about website features for
> customizing the visual appearance of the content. The visible message
> container has a prominent location in the top left of the screen and all
> other background content is dimmed. The message content is placed near the
> top of the DOM so screen reader users discover the message as soon as you
> start reading the page. There is a Close Menu element at the end of the
> message that is keyboard operable and clicking outside of the message
> container also closes it. I am curious to know what others think of this
> implementation and if it could serve as a model for the types of modals we
> have been discussing on this thread.
> Thanks,
> Marc
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> Sent: Friday, March 25, 2016 10:20 AM
> Subject: Re: [WebAIM] Opening modal window without user action
> On 25/03/2016 14:15, Mike Barlow wrote:
> > I agree with Patrick. Though I'd never design a site that has an
> > "automatic" popup like the op describes. Sometimes one must bow to he
> > who signs the paycheck, but also sometimes he who signs the paycheck
> > can be persuaded that his approach could lead to more problems than it's
> worth.
> Ironically perhaps, I'd say that if the automatic popup happened right
> away, and NOT after a timeout (so that the user didn't already start
> interacting with the actual page, only to be unceremoniously and unwantedly
> being yanked off to this popup), then it would be less of a problem...
> (this would also remove the problem/annoyance experienced by all users -
> e.g. the "non disabled" mouse user who is starting to read/interact/scroll
> down on the page only to then be rudely presented with a doorslam modal;
> this would also, of course, be a problem for users with cognitive
> disabilities, or screen magnification, etc)
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