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Changes to accessibility testing Mobile and better tools?


From: Nancy Johnson
Date: Apr 22, 2016 8:44AM

I have been building and then testing websites for accessibility for many years.

With mobile and better tools what changes for testing have taken
place? I typically combine WAVE with manual testing: NVDA (test in
only one screen reader) and tab through typical pages. However I try
to get as much accessibility into a project while planning building.
They project.

By the time the project is handed off to QA, accessibility has been
reduced: business requirements change, security, 3rd party plugins
such as ReCaptcha have taken a toll. I have support and time to run
through the project one time for accessibility. My findings are added
to the acceptance requirements.

I have not done a great deal of mobile testing but am moving our
teams UI to a framework which supposedly takes into account
accessibility https://standards.usa.gov/ .

Thanks for your help