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Re: Distinguishing between text boxes and content regions


From: Jonathan Avila
Date: Apr 25, 2016 8:19AM

> I have always used the outline view

As an "for what it's worth". The outline view is unfortunately IMO not reliable for getting all the content of a PPT because it won't show you all inserted content as Sean indicates. I wasn't suggesting relying on the selection pane for accessing content but more as a method to identify the types of objects such as placeholders or inserted textboxes.


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I have always used the outline view
View Menu > Outline View ... this is what you are printing.
I checked out the PPT Office 2016 Selection Pane (thanks Jon). on the right of the slide element is an "eye" icon, this toggles the element (making it appear and disappear). Alas, you still have to dig to see if images have appropriate 'alt's


On Fri, Apr 22, 2016 at 11:20 AM, Sean Keegan < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

> Hello PowerPoint gurus,
> Is there a simple method for distinguishing between text boxes and
> content placeholder regions in a PowerPoint file or in the Slide Master view?
> The only method I can remember is that content placeholder regions -
> those that are part of the slide template - have the six PPT icons
> displayed prior to adding any content.
> I am reviewing a PPT file for a colleague and it appears that the
> slides have a mix of true content placeholder regions and text boxes
> that have been formatted to look as text placeholder regions. I did a
> quick test and saved the presentation as an RTF file and that is when
> I noticed some slides had content whereas other slides were missing content.
> Any ideas appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Sean
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