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Re: dictation bridge


From: deborah.kaplan@suberic.net
Date: Apr 25, 2016 3:19PM

I'm glad Mike brought up J-Say. Yes, for those who don't know about it, J-Say exists, and I believe many people are happy with it. For those who can't use it, though, DictationBridge will fill the same need.

DictationBridge is free and open source, and will work with NVDA (free and open source) and Windows Speech recognition (bundled in for free with Windows). J-Say is a more mature product, but it is restricted to:

- Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional: $300
- JAWS: $1000
- J-Say: $550

(All prices approximate.)

As a person who has always tested with NVDA because I can't afford JAWS, I'm super grateful that a solution is coming into being that's not tied to nearly $2000 of software purchases. But absolutely, for those who are using J-Say, I hear it is a good product. (Also, as someone who worked in library tech for years, I saw how pressure from open source products motivated the vendor-supplied products to become better. Everybody wins!)

Deborah Kaplan

Mike said:

> For those of you who use JAWS there is another product that also meets this
> need called J-Say that is specifically designed to work with JAWS and
> Dragon on Windows.

Deborah said:

> I want to squee about DictationBridge, even though Lucy posted while I was
> composing this message. I've also got a different spin on the project than
> most of the people involved, so my pitch is just as excited, but from a
> different direction.