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Re: search-submit button -- required or not


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Apr 25, 2016 4:38PM

I have called this as a 2.1.1 best practice/usability/minor violation
under 2.1.1 on responsive sites, where I have been asked to audit the
responsive version.
The mobile onscreen keyboard (at least on iOS) has a "go" button which
simulates the enter key behavior.
This becomes an actual 2.1.1 issue for pop-up modal dialogs that
require the escape key to close them (because mobile devices -- at
least iOS -- have no escape key on keyboard and the scrub gesture does
not produce the escape key behavior).
http://whenpush.a11yideas.com (the welcome message intro), this is the
html example me and my colleagues wrote for a mobile presentation on
the other thing you asked about, autocomplete searches.

On 4/25/16, Snahendu Bhattacharya < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Hi Jennifer!
> I agree with your observation and had a similar thought too.
> Just trying to think other perspective like the user who doesn't have
> keyboard to press enter (Mobile users or other AT users)
> I thought both should be present. If a user is *not able* to press ENTER
> should be able to perform the same action.
> Let's see what others think about this.
> On Apr 25, 2016 6:02 PM, "Jennifer Sutton" < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
>> Greetings, WebAIM folks:
>> What's the current thinking regarding whether a search "submit" button is
>> required? Is there a specific Success Criterion that should be cited?
>> I'm wondering about this because, increasingly, I'm seeing search edit
>> boxes that are activated by simply using the enter key.
>> Is this practice becoming accepted/known?
>> How do folks who use text-input, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking, handle
>> the lack of a button (with a name to speak)?
>> Though it is not relevant to the particular use case I'm currently looking
>> at, I also find myself thinking about the kinds of search mechanisms that
>> autocomplete/suggest, as you type. These typically, as far as I recall, do
>> not have "submit" buttons. I guess the idea with them is that once you
>> stop
>> typing, you've essentially "submitted." But I bring these
>> search-suggestion
>> mechanisms up because I wonder if they're contributing to the perception
>> that "submit" buttons are no longer necessary for searches (whether or not
>> suggestions are offered).
>> In the end, I want to be sure I'm clear about whether the lack of a search
>> submission button is a WCAG 2.0 issue, considered to be a general
>> usability
>> issue (for people with disabilities and/or people without), or both?
>> Thank you.
>> Best,
>> Jennifer
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