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FW: hyphens, and the lack thereof


From: Ian Lloyd
Date: May 14, 2003 3:59AM

I thought I should throw this out to you guys on the Webaim and BCAB lists,
see if anyone has anything on this topic. Oh, the topic is conjunction of
words and how screen readers deal with them For example, I recommend using
home page instead of homepage, because in JAWS it reads the conjoined phrase
as something like 'hommapuj'

Is there, as Owen asks (note copied below), any web site that covers how
these screen readers interpret prefixes and suffixes that you know of? Or
perhaps you know a web page that lists troublesome words for screen readers?

Looking forward to hearing people's responses!

On Tuesday, May 13, 2003 8:44 PM: Owen Briggs
<mailto: <EMAIL REMOVED> > apparantly said:

> lloyd, if you're busy right now, hit delete. this is low priority.
> since you pointed out that we should use "web site"
> instead of "website" to avoid sluring by audio software, i've
> been paying more attention to the habit of conjunction.
> can you link to any source discussion on the issue?
> preferably by people who rely on readers, or create them?
> i'm curious what the real world limits are. there's got to be a
> degree of agility in the software to deal with prefixes and
> suffixes; surely they don't stumble on "repurposed" with a
> short e, instead of enunciating "re-purposed". but i don't
> know that, and i do have some spell checkers that ask me
> if i meant "re purposed", so i think i'd best do a little more
> research into audio software.
> got anything like that in the bookmarks?
> thanks.
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