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Re: WebAIM list down time


From: Jordan Wilson
Date: May 24, 2016 1:52PM

A huge thanks back to the whole WebAIM team for hosting this list!

On 5/24/16, 3:30 PM, "WebAIM-Forum on behalf of Jared Smith" < <EMAIL REMOVED> on behalf of <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

>Due to a construction project, network connectivity to the WebAIM list
>server may be intermittent for much of the next 18 hours. If a message
>sent to the list is not delivered, please wait and your mail server
>will likely try to deliver it later. If you get a failure notice,
>please send it again later.
>Thank you all for making the WebAIM list such a valuable resource for
>the accessibility community. I appreciate your civility and
>Jared Smith