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Acessibility of a date picker?


From: Sonja Weckenmann
Date: May 26, 2016 3:02AM


I'm evaluating a german airport-website. There are problems with the
date picker.


I think keybord navigation is quite good when not using a screenreader.
When using NVDA/FF or JAWS/IE keybord navigation doesn't work:

- Navigation with up arrow and down arrow doesn't work.
- It isn't possible to activate the buttons for changing the month and
the two buttons "Schließen" and "Löschen".
- I'm not quite sure, but I think it is also not easy to get the month
spoken with the screenreader?
- The date of each cell has an aria-label="27.05.2016" but it is not
spoken by the screenreader. I dont't know why.

Similar problems occur when trying to select the departure time for example.

Does anybody know whether it is a question of incorrect implementation
of ARIA or is it a scripting problem?
Why does keybord navigation work without screenreader and when using
screenreader it is bad?

Thanks a lot

Sonja Weckenmann
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