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From: Alan Zaitchik
Date: May 26, 2016 1:49PM

We have a complicated form with various radio buttons and checkboxes, textareas, and you name it. Currently there is a Submit button on the bottom; a user who hits Enter will cause submission of the form, of course.
We hear that some users are accidentally hitting Enter when they really just want to select a radio or checkbox or select value, not submit the form. We are being asked to consider changing the submit input button to a mere "button" with an onclick handler that will submit the form only if the button is actually clicked. I'm worried that users of screen readers and other users will find it terribly inconvenient to "tab" their way to the button. Does anyone know of facts that show how many users will expect/not expect an Enter to submit a form? Is there a real issue here?
Thanks for your input to this submission ( pun intended).

Alan Zaitchik | Senior Technologist / Senior Associate


Center for Social Innovation

Needham, MA