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Re: accessibility skills quiz?


From: Marc Solomon
Date: May 27, 2016 8:37AM


I think these two training resources might be good additions to your toolkit:

https://webaccessibility.withgoogle.com/course - Introduction to Web Accessibility by Google

http://accessibility.parseapp.com/ - HIKE from Facebook

Both are geared towards developers. They are fully interactive with coding exercises and AT testing tasks.

But, they don't include assessments.

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Sent: Friday, May 27, 2016 9:58 AM
Subject: [WebAIM] accessibility skills quiz?

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know of an available (hopefully free) accessibility skills quiz? I would use it for our developers, front and back-end, and anyone who works on our 1,000+ websites. I've been the sole advocate for accessibility in our digital space for a long time, and it's finally taking hold and getting more management visibility, but, I'm still seeing far too many basic accessibility coding errors/exclusions/violations - call them what you will- I keep flagging these things to get them to make the needed adjustments.

I thought I would set up a quiz, Accessibility 101 sort of thing, that all of our web folks need to know when they are working on our sites. I can use the quiz for a group training opportunity. If there's something already out there that I could use, that would save me a lot of time.

Diane R Tomlins
HCA IT&S | Digital Media
Accessibility Advocate