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Re: Submit button


From: Alan Zaitchik
Date: May 27, 2016 12:42PM

Thank you, Paul and _mallory, for your help. I am going to discuss this
again with our team, especially those interacting with users. I tend to
agree with what Paul has said, but I guess it ultimately depends on some
information about our users¹ skills and also commitment that I do not
(yet) have. If the latter are lacking then we might want to be very
deferential to where the users are at, not insistent on where they should
want to be.

On 5/27/16, 12:05 PM, "Paul J. Adam" < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

>No I¹m not saying the end user of the website should be learning it with
>an accidental submit on enter key.
>I¹m saying that the UX or Designer folk or whoever is asking them to
>consider changing the default behavior of the enter key submitting a
>form, to break that behavior. I¹m saying whoever is asking for that
>change needs to learn how standard form control behavior works.
>End users of the website should be helped with proper error validation
>that would stop them from accidentally submitting an incomplete form and
>not delete the data they¹ve already typed.
>Paul J. Adam
>Accessibility Evangelist
>> On May 26, 2016, at 3:46 PM, _mallory < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
>> On Thu, May 26, 2016 at 03:09:08PM -0500, Paul J. Adam wrote:
>>> I think the real issue is they need to learn how standard form control
>>>keyboard behavior works and not break that behavior.
>> However, i would argue this is not the place to learn it, by
>> accidentally submitting a long and complicated form where your
>> focus, energy, and short-term memory are dealing with more
>> important things.
>> I agree people should learn how to use forms, just as I agree
>> that low-literacy folks should learn to read. That does not
>> leave a developer off the hook entirely, though. If people
>> are having trouble with a particular interface, we need to at least
>> take another look at that interface (this particular form, and the
>> kinds of people using it. Are they seniors? Cognitively impaired?
>> Veterans? New keyboarders?).
>> Just a thought.
>> _mallory
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