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frames titling


From: Lori K. Brown
Date: May 20, 2003 9:51AM

Dear Webaim:

I know that there have probably been extensive discussions of frames and
accessibility on this list, even recently, but I'm not at the computer
where I save all my Webaim mail today, so please forgive any redundant

I am working on a section of our product which is output in frames. It's
the usual kind of arrangement: the top frame contains identifying info and
some navigation buttons, the left frame has more specific navigation
choices, and the 'main' or right hand frame contains either forms or a
drawing of what the user is working on.

I have put titles and names on each of the <frame> tags in the main
frameset file. However, the title supplied in the frameset file can't be
very specific, since the forms and pages rendered in the main frame of the
document vary depending on the options that the user selects w/ the
buttons in the top and left frames.

My question is: do text readers render the actual page titles of the pages
that are referenced by the main frameset document? I'm hoping that the
more specific and informative page titles that reside in each of the
forms, documents, etc. will be presented to text reader users, but if they
are not, I have to figure out what else to do to get more specific
contextual information to text reader users.

Please spare me any accessibility diatribes about how Wrong and Bad frames
are. I don't have any control over this choice in this case.

Lori K. Brown
User Interface Engineer
SiteScape, Inc.

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