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RE: priority ratings


From: masadelante
Date: May 28, 2003 9:27AM


I cannot begin to thank you enough for that absolutely stunning reply to
my query. I am speechless. But I can still type!

First off, I'd like to clear up that the homepage that you evaluated was
not designed with web accessibility standards in mind. The rebuild,
which I am working on (right now actually) is being built with
accessibility standards in mind.

The (currently more important) sites in question are two sites that I am
designing for a department of the local government. I would be more than
willing to pass on a link to you or anyone who would like to have a
glance at them. I have taken care to deal with all of the errors and
warnings that the various validators have mentioned, although at this
moment I still would like to go over a last development pass, focusing
on image descriptions versus alt text, and whether or not I should
include a longdescription. I also need to recalibrate my tabindex
(thanks WinIE) and make some links visible so that the accesskeys
assigned to them work. These, along with some of the points that you
mentioned about our homepage, are things that I think you learn after
your first few attempts at designing for accessibility.

"and you might find that if a number of different accessibility experts
were to make a judgement on certain features, you might find some
disagreement among them"

This is what scares me. I will absolutely do my best to make sure that I
obide by the checklists at the W3C and warnings that I get from the
validators. Once I have done this I would be willing to say that "my
site is AAA". But what if someone comes along and says "this guy is out
to lunch?" I guess that's why I am including an e-mail address on the
page encouraging feedback to do with accessibility issues within the

Thanks again for the feedback and the look at our homepage. In our
defense, that site has been slowly let loose (inline styles etc.) as we
have this new site almost ready to go.

Best regards,

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