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From: Mike Barlow
Date: Jun 24, 2016 4:04PM

Just thought I'd through this out here for anyone who's interested. I
recently (this past week) did a way high level (I only had about 15
minutes) Web Accessibility presentation that I thought I'd share with the
I started out in an unusual (because I'd never seen it done before) manner
by opening up a web site for the people (http://mwbarlow.com/a11y). But
before I opened that website I launched NVDA on my laptop. So everyone
there got a small sample of how a visually impaired person "sees" a web
site (then I clicked the "hidden magic link" located in the top left corner
of the page, to show them how the rest of the world would see the site)

The site is a simple one page (mostly just a background image, some headers
and text) site but it got across the difference of how people can perceive
things differently.
Then I went through my actual presentation (slide deck is also at:
http://mwbarlow.com/a11y/TL_A11y_21June2016.pptx and note the shout out to
Denis Boudreau of Deque Systems Canada for some info from one of his

I must have done something right with it because I have another (much
longer) presentation that I was asked to do for Aug/Sep time frame.

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