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Re: Color of link text


From: Joseph Sherman
Date: Jun 27, 2016 2:31PM

I think there is a confusion. No one is proposing to use the focus outline on non-focused links.

In the WCAG specs for 1.4.1, it says you should have a non-color visual clue like underline. However, you do not NEED a non-color clue for your links if: you have a least 3:1 contrast between the link text and surrounding text, AND an additional differentiation (e.g., it becomes underlined) is provided when the link is hovered over or receives focus.

My question is whether the focus outline itself counts as an additional differentiation, when the link receives focus, if it has the 3:1 contrast between the link and surrounding text. It seems to technically satisfy 1.4.1, but I don't think it should.


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Hi Joseph!

I think there is a gap between these two guideline.

By providing additional non color visual clue (1.4.1), you are ensuring your links are clearly and readily identifiable, for the people with or without color vision, immaterial to the fact whether user has focused on the link or not.

Second part is about visible focus (outline/caret line) for the keyboard user (2.4.7), when user uses screen focus to understand their current focused location in the screen, they should be able to do it.

Now if you make the 'caret line/outline' as default identifier/differentiator for your link, that would create confusion for the user who is trying to tab through the page and can't identify any considerable amount of visual change for the links when the links receives focus, as because the caret line/outline is already present.

Preferably the underline (or any other non color differentiator) should be present by default and then on focus to the link, should make a significant change to the focusable element to make the user understand about their current keyboard focus position. Either by removing the underline or adding a outline/caret line (to be consistent).

On Jun 27, 2016 3:15 PM, "Joseph Sherman" < <EMAIL REMOVED> <mailto: <EMAIL REMOVED> >> wrote:

> In 1.4.1, assuming you cannot get folks to underline their links- if

> you have a 3:1 link and text contrast, does the default focus outline

> count as "additional differentiation" on focus?


> "Color alone is not used to distinguish links<

> http://webaim.org/techniques/hypertext/>; from surrounding text unless

> the luminance contrast between the link and the surrounding text is at

> least

> 3:1 and an additional differentiation (e.g., it becomes underlined) is

> provided when the link is hovered over or receives focus."




> Joseph


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