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Re: A question about the demo version of Window Eyes (4.211)


From: Bill Mason
Date: Jun 18, 2003 2:14AM

At 10:01 PM 6/17/2003, Kathleen Anderson wrote:
>I downloaded the demo of Windows Eyes and installed it, and now every time
>I boot up my PC, Window Eyes starts. I looked around to see if I could
>turn that off - I couldn't find anything in the application or in my
>Startup. I did find something on the GW Micro web site, but it appears to
>only apply to the latest version, not to the demo (4.211). Does anyone
>know how change this in the demo version?

This happened to me and I can't recall entirely how I fixed it. It had
something to do with doing a custom install, not a standard install. (Or
whatever the options were named when you run setup -- I don't have the
install with me to run it again and see what they were called.) Whatever
the non-standard install option was, you will be given a choice in it
whether to have Window Eyes start automatically with Windows or not.

Bill Mason
Accessible Internet

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