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Re: Do screen readers read hidden text? (was: RE: Accessibility of complex HTML forms)


From: Peter-Paul Koch
Date: Jun 27, 2003 5:43AM

>Terence wrote:
> > Most non sighted users these days will
> > be using a screen reader with Internet Explorer, so probably
> > scripting will be on ...
>This is a bit of a side issue. If a user is using a screen reader with IE,
>will display: none hide text from the screen reader in the same way that it
>hides it from view? How does IBM's Homepage Reader respond to display:

I have heard, but not tested, that Homepage Reader follows IE exactly. So if
you hide certain elements from view in mainstream browsers with the purpose
of showing them to older browsers or other uncommon user agents, these
elements will stay stubbornly hidden.

So it