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From: rehabtool@yahoo.com
Date: Jun 29, 2003 10:45AM

I recently reviewed the video "ENABLE: People with Disabilities and
Computers" and found it to be an excellent resource for healthcare
professionals, special educators, and persons with disabilities. Here
is an excerpt of the review of "Enable".

For many people with disabilities, assistive technology can be vital
for their independence, quality of life and effort to become
integrated into society. In the award-winning video "ENABLE: People
with Disabilities and Computers", you will meet a deaf-blind
university student, a business man paralyzed from the neck down, a
speech impaired person, and many other people with disabilities who
demonstrate how technology assists them in achieving their objectives
and life goals, and allows them to fully participate in society.

The Enable video offers numerous profiles of individuals with
disabilities who have experienced how technology can enhance their
lives. The profiles cover a range of disabilities, including
blindness, speech, hearing and mobility impairments of various kinds,
stroke, and cerebral palsy. Each of the individuals profiled describes
his or her disability in a personal, unique way, often emphasizing the
liberating impact of technology in all aspects of their lives, at
work, at school and at home. This video shows all kinds of adaptive
technology, both hardware and software.

Educators, disability professionals, caregivers, employers, and others
will be able to use this video in a variety of settings, from training
faculty, students and work site supervisors, to helping persons with
disabilities understand how technology can assist them.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the video "ENABLE: People
with Disabilities and Computers" or would like more information, go to

(This 45-minute video produced by David Bolnick, Ph.D. et al. is
closed-captioned and includes narrative descriptions for the visually

D. Gerard, Editor

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