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Re: Generate PDF including MathML


From: Karen Sorensen
Date: Aug 29, 2016 10:53AM

Hi David,
I don't believe there is anyway to make MathML accessible in a PDF.
You can have MathML in a web page, or MathType in a MS Office document can
be read if the screen reader has a full version of MathType on their local
drive, but I don't know of anyway to make MathML accessible in a PDF. Check
out the MathFinder by Diagram Center for options.
At my institution, we ask instructors who want to use PDFs to keep their
source documents (usually Word with MathType) and if we have an
accommodation, we convert their source documents into HTML or Braille or
simply let the student use the Word doc.
Best of luck!

Karen M. Sorensen
Accessibility Advocate for Online Courses
Portland Community College
Twitter: @ksorensun