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Capturing audio portion of a video and converting to text


From: Holly Marie
Date: Aug 23, 2001 7:11PM

From: "Johanna Frohm"

> Today a faculty member showed a video he had made. We discussed
> inclusion of the text. In time I foresee moving towards a SMIL file as
> Jean shared the other day. If this has been shared, I missed it. Does
> anyone have a suggestion on a way or ways to capture the audio portion
> of the video as text?

hi Johanna,
not sure about capturing sound and converting to text but wonder, since
some XML type uses can recognize voice and translate to instructions and
produce effects with programming, so maybe sooner or later this could be
done with audio to text for web or multimedia?
in the meantime an interesting man working on Accessibility issues with
a book due out soon is Joe Clark, and his site is at
http://www.joeclark.org and some of his captioning and media access
pages are at http://www.joeclark.org/access/ . The history of this man
and how he became known as someone very special with captioning is very
interesting and worth a read. He has many resources or links on his web
site and has mentioned webaim a few times on some lists i have been on
or in other ways. [ncam is another site many of us know about
http://ncam.wgbh.org/ ]
there was a recent article on him and linked to another message board
recently and the story can be found here...
the September issue of Atlantic Monthly.
"The King of Closed Captions",
summarizes Joe's long-standing dedication to establishing
standards and improving the quality of media accessibility.
another web site on media to check out might be Streaming media and
closed captioning search here...