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Examples, Context Changing, OnFocus and OnInput


From: Jim Homme
Date: Oct 28, 2016 1:18PM

Every once in a while I get confused about this, because, for example, moving from one list item to another in a list box is the classic example I keep seeing where we advise the developer to allow the user to change to the item they want, then hit a button to initiate the change. This would be on input, would it not? Also, let's say that the user arrows from one radio button to another, and the one they are moving from gets unchecked, and the one they are moving to gets checked. I see this as focus changing. Would this be correct?

Also, in the explanation of the criterion, it says that a change of content isn't necessarily a change of context, so I tend to think, for example, that if you check a checkbox, change a radio button choice, or select a new list item, and some content appears on the same page right below where you are reading, that this would not be a change of context. Is my thinking correct about all of this?

Also, I see on input as a failure when, for example, you are looking at a date entry group of fields with two-digit day and month, and as soon as you hit the second digit of one of those fields, focus jumps into the next control.




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