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From: JP Jamous
Date: Nov 17, 2016 12:14PM

My answers below.

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Subject: [WebAIM] [ವೆಬಿಂ] Can some 1 help me to understand between the visuall focus and screen reader focus?

Hello all, greetings.

Can some 1 help me to understand between the visuall focus and screen reader focus?

Related to this topic, I have some questions.

1. What is the difference between the screen reader focus and the visual focus.

The visual focus is when the keyboard shows visually an outline around the link or button. For example, you select a link and by default Internet Explorer shows a dotted or dashed square around that link. That's how visual people know that the link has focus. Without that outline, the visual user won't know where the cursor is.

The screen reader focus is when the screen reader states,
"Contact Us. Link"
Rather than highlighting it visually, it speaks it out to the user.

The mouse hover, or onmouseover, is when the user points the mouse at some text and the color, shape or underline change. Those visual changes, just like the keyboard changes, identify to the sighted user that this item is not a regular text. Rather, it is a focusable object.

2. How can a visually impaired tester identify issue with visuall focus.

You explained it best in your question. It is impossible or extremely hard. You need sighted help. The visual focus was made for those who can see. The color contrast is the same. In fact, there are some success criteria that I do not feel comfortable testing with a tool unless I have sighted assistance.

Color Contrast
Keyboard focus
Zoom to 200%
And images with text

Those 4 I either send them to a sighted user or work with someone sighted to get the information. Any other way, you might get the information, but it won't be accurate.

if you think of the law of trading in economics, trading states, that if a country is more efficient at producing a good and another country is more efficient at producing another good, then it behooves both countries to trade rather than producing each good locally.
I state this to explain that if a sighted person is more efficient at identifying something, I should import his or her service, while exporting my screen reader service to him or her. That is why companies hire blind users to test their sites.

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