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Re: Office 2016 Accessibility


From: JP Jamous
Date: Nov 29, 2016 3:44PM

Running Office 365 2016 on Windows 10 Pro 64. If I open Word documents like the one W3 provides to use as a template for WCAG evaluations, JAWS 18 would slow down as if there is RAM leakage. JAWS 17, simply crashes as it cannot handle the arm wrestling with Word.

I already fired to FS a suggestion to fix JAWS 18 with Word 2016. It does the good old skipping a full page when hitting line breaks on down or up arrowing. Also JAWS 18 does not work well with the Outlook Calendar. The list boxes or list views items aren't read in the Rules window or the Create new View window. JAWS would select the items but would not speak them. Why should it? That's not its job.

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Are the problems with JFW 18 and 17 confined to any particular operating system. We are still using Windows 7.

Mike Moore
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Texas Health and Human Services Commission Civil Rights Office
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While JAWS 18 does not work properly with Word 2016 and JAWS 17 crashes when reading large documents, here is more issues to be concerned with for the near future. Just a heads up.

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