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RE: evaluating Web accessibility software


From: julian.rickards@ndm.gov.on.ca
Date: Jul 25, 2003 9:01AM

Jon wrote:

> Some browsers provide access to TITLE/ALT attribute
> information through
> tooltip features (mouse hovering over element brings up a
> popup window of
> the TITLE content), but this is problematic since many useres
> do not know
> how or in some cases cannot style tooltip information and
> also the user
> needs to know where to hover the mouse to get access. Not
> all users can
> use a mouse. If they are having trouble viewing the image
> they may not
> think of trying to search for TITLE attribute information.
> In either case
> it places a huge burden on the user with low vision or a cognitive
> disability to access and style the information.

This sound like the longdesc/D-link situation. Given that longdesc is not
currently supported, where needed, use the alternate D-link form. It sounds
like we should substitute "Alt in Area tags" for longdesc and "redundant
text links" for D-links. I know that the WCAG recommends D-links in place of
longdesc (or in addition to for the possibility of future support for
longdesc), does the WCAG also recommend text links inplace of alt in area?


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