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Re: Where does it say to use native HTML features rather than re-create them in ARIA and JS?


From: Tyllick,Cliff S (HHSC/DADS)
Date: Dec 22, 2016 11:21AM

Thanks, Steve!

Rule 1 is specifically what I was looking for.

Others suggested I rely on the WCAG Success Techniques. I don't go there for a couple of reasons:
- They are organized rather arcanely--the technology of the solution plus the somewhat arbitrary sequence number in which the technique was considered for review. That makes it hard to find the one that gives the best, most specific answer available--and to know when I have found it.
- They don't do a particularly good job of distinguishing between possible practices and best practices. For example, look up all the available Success Techniques for implementing headings.

As a result, they are too often better for starting long and sometimes informative discussions than for resolving definitively debates about best practices.

Steve, thanks again!


Cliff Tyllick
EIR Accessibility Coordinator
Texas Health & Human Services Commission

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> Where in the WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices does it specify that WAI-ARIA is
> to be used only when native HTML won't suffice?

Unsure whether it is stated in the authoring practices doc, but there are 2
places this is stated:

In the ARIA 1.1 spec:

When a feature in the host language with identical role semantics and
> values is available, and the author has no compelling reason to avoid using
> the host language feature, authors should use the host language features
> rather than repurpose other elements with WAI-ARIA.


In Notes on using ARIA in HTML:

2.1 First rule of ARIA use
> If you *can* use a native HTML element or attribute with the semantics
> and behaviour you require *already built in*, instead of re-purposing an
> element and adding an ARIA role, state or property to make it accessible*,
> then do so*.




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