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Screen Reader accessible Javascript spreadsheet implementation?


From: Brandon Keith Biggs
Date: Dec 29, 2016 8:22AM

Does anyone know of a screen reader accessible spreadsheet? I would like to
create a front-end for editing DB data and I need it to be accessible with
a screen reader.
I have been building one myself, but I am realizing a quality spreadsheet
is a little beyond my coding abilities currently.

I have looked at around 20 open source spreadsheets and none were even
remotely usable.

I need something that will allow me to insert data, put headers in (maybe
with the option to order the headers and rename headers), hide or not
display some of the objects (so I can keep their ids without showing them),
create editable and non editable cells (mixing editable and non editable in
the same row), render with cells that are not in the db (although I can do
this pretty easy with a preprocessor of the data) and have the data
exported as a json list (possibly with only the edited cells).
I would really prefer something that feels like google sheets, but allows
the programmer more control, allows the use of es6 and is not so slow. I
don't need any of the formula, colaberation or filter functionality as I
can do that myself, but just the items I said above.

Brandon Keith Biggs <http://brandonkeithbiggs.com/>;