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JQuery Chosen accessibility problem


Date: Dec 29, 2016 4:00PM


I'd like to use Chosen (plugin for JQuery), but it is not accessible. I
found a pull request, and I added it to the JQuery code:

The problem is that NVDA doesn't read the items when I press the arrow
keys in the text field. The listbox got a role ="listbox", and every
option got a role ="option" attribute. Does any idea how can I fix it?
If you can search "role" keyword in chosen.jquery.js file, you'll find
the modified code.

You can try here: http://o-soft.hu/chosen-stable

The "Into this" field (second listbox in the standard select) does not
work properly.

Is there any accessible alternative for Chosen? The simple Autocomplete
doesn't the good solution for every case, because it is great if the
selectable items appear before the user start to typing.

Thanks for your help!