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Table Haunts Me


From: Laurie Davis-Covin
Date: Jul 31, 2003 10:22AM

Every time I see this table I wonder why the colspan is designated so much
larger than what it
actually is.

Is there a reason for a table to be coded in this manner? When I insert
the actual number of
columns in "colspan", the table looks the same.

Am so curious. Any ideas?

Here's the code:

<table title="Suggest a Title" cellspacing="0" width="90%" border="0">
<td title="Title" colspan="85">
<h1 align="center">TITLE</h1>

<td title="Today's Date" colspan="85"><span
class="smaller">&#160;<strong>TODAY'S DATE</strong></span><br />
<input class="input" title="Today's Date" value="January 22, 2003"
name="TODAYS_DATE" /></td>

<td class="smaller" title="Requestor's Name" colspan="36"><strong>REQUESTED
BY (Name)</strong><br />
<input class="input" title="Enter Requestor's Name Here" size="22"
name="REQUESTED_BY" /></td>
<td class="smaller" title="Division"
colspan="12"><strong>DIVISION</strong><br />
<input class="input" title="Enter Requestor's Division Here" size="10"
name="DIVISION" /></td>
<td class="smaller" title="Extension"
colspan="12"><strong>EXTENSION</strong><br />
<input class="input" title="Enter Requestor's Extension Here" size="10"
name="EXTENSION" /></td>
<td class="smaller" title="Email" colspan="24"><strong>EMAIL</strong><br />
<input class="input" title="Enter Requestor's Email Address Here" size="23"
name="Requestor_Email" /></td>

<td class="smaller" title="Enter Author" colspan="85"><strong>AUTHOR
(BOOK)</strong><br />
<input class="input" title="Enter Author Information Here" size="70"
name="BOOK_AUTHOR" /></td>

<td class="smaller" title="Enter Book or Journal Title"
colspan="85"><strong>TITLE (BOOK OR JOURNAL)</strong><br />
<input class="input" title="Enter Book or Journal Title " size="70"
name="BOOK_TITLE" /></td>

<td class="smaller" title="Publisher"
colspan="85"><strong>PUBLISHER</strong><br />
<input class="input" title="Enter Article Publisher Here" size="70"
name="ARTICLE_PUBLISHER" /></td>

<td class="smaller" title="Publisher"
colspan="42"><strong>VOLUME</strong><br />
<input class="input" title="Enter Publisher Here" size="10"
name="PUBLISHER" /></td>
<td class="smaller" title="Year Published In"
colspan="14"><strong>YEAR</strong><br />
<input class="input" title="Enter Year Published In Here" size="10"
name="YEAR" /></td>
<td class="smaller" title="Edition" colspan="14"><strong>EDITION</strong><br />
<input class="input" title="Enter Edition Here" size="10" name="EDITION"
<td class="smaller" title="Price" colspan="14"><strong>PRICE</strong><br />
<input class="input" title="Enter Price Here" size="10" name="PRICE" /></td>

<td title="SubmitButton" colspan="85"><input title="Submit Request"
type="submit" value="Submit Request" name="Submit" /> </td>

Laurie Davis-Covin, Web Specialist/Writer
National Institute of Standards and Technology
100 Bureau Drive
Admin. Building, Room E 220
Gaithersburg, MD 20899
Ph: 301-975-8027

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