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Re: Aria and inline character password validation


From: Meacham, Steve - FSA, Kansas City, MO
Date: Jan 19, 2017 8:20AM

Clearly, such dynamic feedback already requires JavaScript. I also think you're going the right direction by using aria-live.

There is a WAI tutorial on exactly what you're trying to do that does just that: https://www.w3.org/WAI/tutorials/forms/examples/password/.

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Subject: [WebAIM] Aria and inline character password validation

Hi WebAIM list,

What are your thoughts?

The input field for password has a real time character validation that shows the users via a dynamic tooltip, the strength of the password due to using symbols, lower and upper characters.

‎As the user types a line on tooltip vertically increases to show strength of password (percentage change -week to strong), since this line keeps changing as the user types, what kind of "aria" should I add?

Would it be aria-live‎? Do I need javascript?


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