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Re: in a modal dialog can the tab focus go to the browser UI?


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Jan 31, 2017 11:26AM

The ARIA Authoring Practices guide is not normative (i.e. it is not a
fflat out violation when its recommendations are not followed).
That being said, it is the model that we should always follow whe
constructing custom components.
When there is a significant deviation from that spec we should explore
it, ask ourselves if the users are likely to be affected, and file an
issue if we feel this is the case.
In this case, the spec recommends that the focus order is trapped
inside the dialog, as you describe very well.
I don't know why the focus is escaping out to the address bar, it does
ot in this example for instance:
What browser are you using? It could be a browser thing.

On 1/31/17, Ramakrishnan Subramanian < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Dear members,
> I kindly request your inputs on the following scenario as per the WCAG
> guideline and aria authorization practice:
> Actual behavior:
> In a modal dialog while navigating using tab /shift tab keys: though
> the focus is trapped inside the dialog, when we hit tab key from the
> last focusable element inside the dialog, the focus is going to the
> browser UI.
> Expected behavior:
> 1. When we hit tab from the last focusable element, the focus should
> go to the first focusable element inside the dialog.
> 2. when we hit shift tab from the first focusable element, the focus
> should go to the last focusable element inside the dialog.
> Is this only a best practice? Or
> Is this mandatory to pause wecag guidelines?
> : should we flag this as bug as per wcag and aria authorization?
> If the developers feel that this is something which is a browser
> behavior which need not be altered.
> Is that fine?
> Thanks and Regards,
> Ramakrishnan
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