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OT: Accessible Files on Server/Email


From: Swift, Daniel P.
Date: Feb 24, 2017 9:35AM

One of our offices asked me to review some documents that they want to post on both our website and send out via email. One is a Word document and the other is a PowerPoint file. They both are pretty heavily designed. I'm trying to test both using VoiceOver and I'm not having the same positive experience that I have when I test our web pages. I can't skip around in the same way that I'm used to when using the browser.

I wonder if the experience would be better if files were tagged for accessibility (I'm assuming they are not) or if the issue is due to my limitations on using VO outside of the browser ... or would a different medium be better (tagged image or a PDF for instance)?

Many thanks on this one!

Dan Swift
Web Technical Specialist
Enterprise Services
West Chester University