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Re: An Interactive ARIA Widget Checklist: For ScreenReader Testing


From: Bryan Garaventa
Date: Feb 24, 2017 2:12PM

Actually it does do that in a general sense stating what should be conveyed or announced within the expected behaviors notation, but this is deliberately vague because it's meant to apply across both desktop and mobile. Obviously the keyboard commands are limited to desktop-type platforms, but what is conveyed and announced may vary also depending on the platform and assistive technology being used at the time.

Basically this is meant to shine a light on where specific screen readers can't even do this much and are causing such controls to be deemed inaccessible by users as a result. Since all of these widgets strictly follow the ARIA 1.0 spec guidance for these widget types there is no excuse for this besides a lack of exposure to how these widgets are properly coded in a structured manner like this.

So it's important for people to file bugs where support issues are found to exist in these cases, and to do so all of the time.

This will cause positive changes to happen.

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brian this is a vary helpful tool. any chance you can expand on it as to how voice input should behave or am i asking to much smile

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> Hello,
> The following blog post was just published which should aid in more
> equal screen reader testing across various screen reader / browser
> combinations for the most commonly used interactive ARIA widget constructs.
> https://www.ssbbartgroup.com/blog/aria-widget-checklist-
> screen-reader-testing/
> All the best,
> Bryan
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