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Re: Music Composition and screen readers


From: Tim Harshbarger
Date: Mar 9, 2017 1:02PM


This probably already occurred to you, but I will suggest it just in case. You might also want to try posting your question on Applies. The site focuses on accessibility of applications for people who are blind and use Mac OS or iOS. For applications that work on Windows, you might try posting to screen reader specific forums. I think there are forums and e-mail lists for all the major Windows screen readers. Even if you don't find an accessible application, you might be able to contact some musicians who are blind using that approach and they might be able to share what they do--which might be approaches that can be used until you can locate something that is accessible.

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Sent: Thursday, March 09, 2017 1:18 PM
Subject: Re: [WebAIM] Music Composition and screen readers

Thanks, I did see MuseScore suggested online and I downloaded it. It turns
out it is not MAC friendly (doesn't work with Voiceover) and we are a MAC
campus :(

I also found LilyPond, which is not the most elegant solution, but it did
seem to work.

I'm still open to other ideas!

Sarah Ferguson
Web Accessibility Specialist