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Re: NVDA: Showing Images That Have No Alt Text


From: JP Jamous
Date: Mar 17, 2017 7:14AM

I am not a big NVDA user, but I don't think it has that capability. NVDA does not drill through the HTML tags of a DOM element like JAWS does. JAWS drills in-depth to try to get as much information to the user as possible.

I know in JAWS you can switch that feature off. I do not recall seeing it anywhere in NVDA's settings.

Why not use JAWS if you are testing to capture those images.

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My apologies for sending this, but I'm frustrated. I cannot seem to find a setting in NVDA that will make it show me images without alt text. I may have accidentally turned that off. It came up in my mind, because I happened to turn on JAWS and right away, I saw an image that had no alt text. I could tall this because I saw the file name and recognized it.



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