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'hamburger' menu


From: Terzian, Sharon
Date: Mar 23, 2017 3:48AM


I'm trying to fit everything requested and continue to be ADA compliant on our website, so this is a redesign in process....

I've now been asked to include the 'hamburger' icon/menu so when the main menu collapses on a smaller device, that's what shows....

As it is, my main drop down menu I had to look long and hard for a script that would handle it and be ADA and acceptable looking to a committee and be reasonably customizable

From what I'm reading about the hamburger, it's not ADA, and the samples I've seen also don't seem to be able to work with the current method I'm using (once again, ADA compliant) to create my accordion menu.

If it's not compliant, it's not compliant, I'm finding I'm butting heads constantly with those who don't understand when something is not, it's not, so if that is the case, I need to see some 'official' stance on it not being compliant as

my research/pages I've seen is never good enough.

So here is the sample (work in progress again), this is a 'throw everything you have at it' page so people can see all the components they've requested in one place, not the final design

And if you know of a 'hamburger' menu that will work with this, please point me, thank you.


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