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How to report accessibility bugs to Mozilla / firefox Devs, or, am I going crazy?


From: Bossley, Peter A.
Date: Mar 31, 2017 8:07PM

From the I can't believe I never noticed this before department, it appears as though in Firefox 52.0.2 32-bit on windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit it is not possible for a screen reader or keyboard reliant user to reach the toolbar buttons on the upper right of Firefox e.g. Bookmarks, Downloads, as well as any extention-added buttons in that space.
I don't have any older versions around to test so not sure if this is a recent thing, but I'd like to report this if it isn't already a known issue.
I've tried all the ways I could think to get there e.g. F6 / Tab, etc. You can reach the address bar, search bar, and site info buttons, but that's it.
This seems like a pretty big oversight and I'm honestly surprised given that the FF folks have even started to make the developer tools accessible.
Anyone have any insight? I almost feel like I have to be missing something obvious.