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Re: Argument against open captioning


From: Holly Marie
Date: Aug 27, 2001 1:24PM

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From: "Scott Standifer"
> In actual practice, however, I find that open captioning can
> be quite distracting when you _don't_ need it.
there are many other distractions that are much worse or more
offending...than captioning might be(pop up ads, blinking marketing
banners, ads that look like computer GUI boxes with click here etc). so
if someone does not want open captioning they can set their applicaiton
to default off, unless they change it.
or the tool people making these media players, could have an easy toggle
off and on feature on the control panel with that widely known closed
captioning icon? that may be a good solution for all?
so the set up of on or off is right there and handier.
> I think it depends on your audience and how many you think will want
> captioning. But unless you think that a majority of your audience
> the captioning, I would opt for closed captioning rather than open.
Well, that certainly is a good argument from your standpoint, and find
myself agreeing with that.
And wonder how we can apply this to marketing tactics, pop up windows
and ads out there?
Would be very nice to be able to squelch those items and interferences.
It is getting so that we cannot fully close a browser without those
hidden pop under ads popping back in our way.