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Converting simple math to Mathtype: Scope


From: Vyas, Nilima
Date: Apr 23, 2017 9:41PM

Hello All,
This may appear as a rookie question, and your knowledge sharing is much appreciated.

I have been asked to key in all in-text equations, variables, any Math operators into MathType and provide a corresponding alt-text. Now I presume that new-gen screen readers are capable of reading simple Math such as n = 20; p < 0.05, <6, and so on in text and to some extent Greek characters as well.
My question is: Is this a necessary accessibility requirement for simple math like n = 20; p < 0.05, <6, and so on. If it isn’t, then the stakes (in terms of data integrity) of going about MathTyping and alt-texting are pretty high.

Thanks in advance for your responses.